The Family Friendly Morning Show with Doug and Kim

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Now in its third year, “The Family Friendly Morning Show with Doug and Kim" is positive and uplifting entertainment that makes every morning a good morning!

I am a convert!!!! I cannot change back to my old station.

I have been listening to you both for a very long time. Not a day goes by that you don't make me laugh. If I get up tired and I don't want to go to work, and don't feel good or something, as soon as I put the radio on and listen to you two, all of a sudden I'm up and getting myself ready for work.

Heard in over 75 markets, “The Family Friendly Morning Show with Doug and Kim” is something moms, dads, young adults, kids, teachers and students all agree on!

I am a high school teacher and there are some mornings when I just think, “I cannot deal with another teenager today.” Then I turn on the radio, and there you all are. You truly live up to your mission to be positive and encouraging. Kim, your laugh is infectious and I love the way in which the two of you interact. You really serve to brighten my day. Now when I go into the classroom, I have a completely new attitude.

I'm one of your biggest fans in the morning. I always listen in the mornings before going to class and it really gets me going.

Truly a family friendly morning show…

We started listening one morning as I was taking my little girl to preschool, and we have been hooked ever since. It's nice to here a show that my little girl can here without me worrying what is going to be said next.

Begin airing “The Family Friendly Morning Show with Doug and Kim” today and you’ll land your listeners on the perfect mix of positive and uplifting entertaining and music.

“Listeners at our network affiliates love 'The Family Friendly Morning Show with Doug and Kim'. We constantly hear about Doug and Kim's fantastic chemistry - both with each other and with the audience. They're clean, funny and informative. Their show is the most positive and uplifting way to start any morning!”

– Michael S. Miller, GM – Salem Music Network, Inc and Nashville’s “94FM The Fish™”

Program Information

Airs Monday-Friday 5 am to 9 am central time

For more information about airing this show, contact Affiliate Relations at 972-831-1920 x141.

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